Director's Desk

I assure you that Radhika International School shall develop a brilliant student out of your child & mix with a generous-topping of the traditional values, manners & courtesy while you would feel pride in the step by success of your child. We will enjoy showing you how your child would enjoy being part of this wonderful institution.

Radhika International School Embark on the mission – To enlighten and to excel so that the learners grow up as perfect Indian, to provide a judicious blend of tradition with modernity, To equip The child to face the world boldly and fearlessly, To make our students sensitive towards the under privileged and the unfortunate in the society, To pursue Truth at all costs, To make the children committed to the service of God and of the Nation, To make them responsible, broad-minded, patriotic and disciplined citizen of the country.

We shall not spare any effort in rending our service to all the people, irrespective of cast, sex, creed or religion, so as to conserve their religion, language and culture.

I wish the best wishes to the pupils & the parents. May the grace of God & Fellowship of the Holy spirit be with you forever and ever.