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Radhika International School is to cater the educational needs of the children. it is a co-ed institiute with English as the medium of instruction.The school believes in providing holistic education not only in theory but in practice also. The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and, NCERT published books are introduced form class VI  onwards....
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Update Date : 10 - Feb - 2015
Welcome To Our School.

Update Date : 25 - Feb - 2015
Admission Open For Session 2015-16.

Update Date : 25/02/2016
Admission Open For Session 2016-17.

Update Date : 27/02/2017
Admission Open For Session 2017-18.

Update Date : 28/02/2018
Admission Open For Session 2018-19.

Update Date : 25/02/2019
Admission Open For Session 2019-20.

I assure you that Radhika International School shall develop a brilliant student out of your child & mix with a generous-topping of the traditional values, manners & courtesy while you would feel pride in the step by success of your child. We will enjoy showing you how your child would enjoy being part of this wonderful institution.
Radhika International School Embark on the mission – To enlighten and to excel so that the learners grow up as perfect Indian.....